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OnionView —

What is OnionView?

OnionView, created by Luke Millanta, is an open-source web service which uses Tor relay data, gathered using the Onionoo network status protocol, to plot the location of active Tor nodes onto an interactive map of the world. OnionView has been covered by the following media outlets and organisations:

  • Wired Magazine - Mapping How Tor's Anonymity Network Spread Around the World.
  • GQ - The New Map That Tracks Your TOR Activity
  • Vice Media - Die Onionview-Karte zeigt, wo in Deutschland die meisten Tor-Server stehen
  • Cornell University - Tor's Growing Anonymous Network
  • Tor Weekly News - 2015's thirty-fifth issue of Tor Weekly News.

Important Notice:

Please note that OnionView is no longer supported by the developer and that the developer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to yourself or others when using this code.

You use this code at your own risk.

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